3 Questions About Durable Vinyl Windows Answered

If you have just purchased vinyl windows and are wondering if they are durable or not,this article will give you the information that you need. First of all,there are different types of these windows: aluminum,fiberglass,wood,composite and windows made out of glass. Each one is more durable than the others,which means that they will last for a longer period of time. So,are vinyl windows durable?


When it comes to strength,all these windows are indeed durable. However,this is not the same with durability when it comes to weathering. Weathering occurs slowly over time,and that’s what makes the materials used in the construction of the windows deteriorate faster than others. Wood and aluminum windows are proving to be strong and durable,but they also tend to deteriorate at a very fast rate. So,if you are considering purchasing any of these types of windows,make sure that they are properly maintained.

Wood and Aluminum Windows

Wood and aluminum windows,as well as fiberglass,will last long because they are resistant to extreme weather conditions. However,this resistance is only for a limited period of time. Once they lose their luster,they are prone to weathering and cracking. With that said,if you are looking for a window that will last a lifetime,then you should consider vinyl windows. Unlike the other types,vinyl windows are made from materials that are weatherproof and can withstand any kind of condition.

Fire Resistant?

Another question that would probably pop up in your head is,are vinyl windows durable against fire? Well,truth be told,the answer is yes. If you have wooden windows,chances are that it would not be able to withstand even a slight breeze. The reason behind this is that wooden frames tend to be made of porous materials,which often attracts insects and other microscopic critters. On the other hand,aluminum windows and fiberglass are ideal for resisting fire.

Anti Fog?

Now,we all know that aluminum windows and fiberglass are the best options when it comes to resisting fire. But have you ever noticed that some of the better quality vinyl windows also possess anti-fog properties? Believe it or not,there are some vinyl windows that have been designed with this property. And although these products are a bit more expensive compared to the rest,you are definitely getting what you are paying for. Aside from that,you can be assured that they will not attract any insects towards them,allowing you to breathe easier.


These are the top 3 questions that most home buyers ask for when they are trying to buy a window. It is only fair that they get the answers that they are asking. As long as you know what you are looking for,you can easily find the best type of window for you. In addition,remember that they say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,so keep those vinyl windows in great condition. For the latest on vinyl windows contact EZ Window Solutions.

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