Acorn Perch Stand Stairlift Review

The Acorn Perch Stand Stairlift has been designed specifically for people who have problems bending their knees, this can often occur with arthritis, the ‘perch’ stair lift offers a comfortable way to travel up and down their stairs.

The added bonus of the Acorn Perch Stand Stairlift is they are extremely slim in design and can are wonderful for extremely narrow stairs.

Here are some of the features of the Acorn Perch Stand Stairlift

  • Remote control/wanderlead controlSupport up to 294 pounds
  • Battery powered15.2 foot rack
  • Foot rest folds
  • Added handle bar
  • Pad to lean against

One of the best features of the Acorn Perch Stand Stairlift is that it’s battery powered. The battery constantly recharges so it never runs out so you will never be stranded at the top or the bottom of the stairs, even if there was a power cut the stairlift would have enough charge to ensure you could still use the stairlift until the electricity returned to normal.

Additionally, the foot rest can be folded in to free space up on the staircase so room is left for other stair users. This helps to keep the stairs uncluttered, by simply folding the foot rest up whilst not in use.

The additional handle bar on the Acorn Perch Stand Stairlift is an additional safety feature by adding handle bars to grip onto to make it a much safer ride to ensure the user has extra support.

To make the ride as comfortable as possible the Acorn Perch Stand Stairlift has added a soft pad to lean against whilst travelling up the stairs.One last note, the Acorn Perch Stand Stairlift has been designed with the safety and comfort of the user in mind and the Perch Stand Stairlift will accommodate most staircases!